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A side event is a small tournament ran in conjunction with a quiz bowl tournament, usually after that "main" tournament is completed. Typically, a "side event" is partnered with an academic tournament so that it can draw in more players.

Subject tournaments are an example of a side event.

Trash tournaments sometimes have certain attributes of side events (running in the evening or on Sunday after a larger academic tournament, providing 10 or fewer rounds, being unabashedly reflective of the authors' vanity interests) but are rarely categorized as "side events" unless they are further specialized to some subdistribution of trash. Similarly, official History Bowl events are not considered "side events."

The phenomenon of side events being announced without any real plan to actually write or hold them was satirized by the holding of Tricontakaipentagon in 2013.

Side event weekends

The difficulty of attaching side events to any given tournament has spawned side event weekends, in which primarily side events are played. Side event weekends are held routinely in the Midwest, and the NorCal Weekend of Quizbowl has been held since 2016.

List of side events

Excluding regular trash tournaments.

Date or announced date Tournament Name Tournament Subject or Gimmick Writers Site(s) held Winner(s) Stats
2002 Summer Berkeley Science Masters
2000 Summer Chicago Open Singles
2001 Summer Herbert Spencer Singles
2001 Fall Mark Discordia Singles
2001 ? "Fleetwood" Mac Singles
2001 Summer Andy Goss Trash Singles
1998 Summer Chicago Open Singles
1999 Summer Chicago Open Singles
2012 Mike Cheyne's Disney Packet
2012 Drew Scheeler's Community Packet
2007 Fall The Experiment I
2009 Spring The Experiment II
2002 Spring Anthony de Jesus Singles
1999 Spring Case Western Trash Singles
2004 Summer Berkeley Movies Tournament
2004 Summer Berkeley Science Monstrosity
2004 Summer "Folly and Glory" Lit Singles
2005 Summer "Jacopo Pontormo" Art Tournament
2006 Fall Seth Teitler Myth Tournament
2006 Summer Berkeley Science Monstrosity
2006 Summer Chris Frankel History Doubles
2007 Summer Bruce Arthur History Doubles
2002 Spring "S.O.B." Singles
2008 Summer Mike Bentley Gumpei Yokoi Memorial Tournament
2008 Fall RMPFest I
2008 Summer Chicago History Doubles
2008 Summer Chicago Literature Doubles
2008 Summer Chicago Movies Tournament
2008 Summer Gaddis I
2008 Fall Minnesota Impossible Speedcheck
2008 Fall Minnesota Literature Doubles
2009 Summer Bruce Arthur Eurofest
2009 Fall RMPFest II
2009 Fall Cheyne-Berry Comics Tournament
2009 Summer Tommy Casalaspi Lit Tournament
2009 Fall Mike Cheyne Fake Lit Tournament
2009 Summer Chicago Literature Doubles
2009 Summer Geography Monstrosity I
2009 Spring Ike Jose Lit Singles
2009 Summer Gaddis II
2009 Fall Minnesota Guerilla Sports Tournament
2009 Fall "KLEE" Arts Tournament
2009 Fall Eric Mukherjee "Lederberg" Science Tournament
2009 Summer Science Nonstrosity
2010 Summer Bruce Arthur "Wild Kingdom" Animals Tournament
2010 Spring "Spring Offensive" History Tournament
2010 Summer "BELFAST" Arts Tournament
2010 Mike Bentley Eyes That Do Not See II
2010 Mike Bentley "VAIN" Video Games Tournament
2010 Mike Bentley Eyes That Do Not See I
2010 "Lully" Arts Tournament
2010 Summer Ike Jose Lit Doubles
2010 Spring Paul Kelson Lit Tournament
2010 Spring Jeremy Eaton "TIDUS" Video Games Tournament
2010 Summer Geography Monstrosity II
2010 Spring GUERILLA I
2010 Saul Hankin Harry Potter Tournament
2010 Nathaniel Kane Game Show Tournament
2010 Fall Maryland "PERV" Visual Trash Tournament
2010 Fall Minnesota RPG Tournament
2010 Spring Will Nediger "MELD" Literature Doubles
2010 Summer Dallas Simons Classics Tournament
2011 Summer Chicago History Doubles
2011 Summer Geography Monstrosity III
2011 Summer GUERILLA II
2009 Spring "Dream Tournament"
2012 Summer Chicago History Doubles
2012 Summer Dragonball Z Tournament
2012 HUSKY Visual Trash
2012 Summer Ike Jose "ANFORTAS" Myth Tournament
2012 Summer Mike Cheyne Film Tournament
2012 Summer Will Nediger "WELD" Literature Doubles
2012 Summer "YMIR" Myth Tournament
2013 Summer Chicago History Doubles
2013 Summer Triacontakaipentagon
2010? Doug Graebner's Painting Tournament
2010? Dan Passner's Judaica Bowl
2010? Gautam Kandlikar's India Tournament
2009? Zach Foster's Military History Tournament
2011? High Schooler Produced Japanese/Asian Lit Thing
2012? Fred Morlan's Music Tournament
2011? Matt Duchan's Sports Tournament
2013? Nolan Esser's Rock Music Tournament
2010? Nathan James's "Chad C. Mulligan Open" Mini-ACF Tournament
2011? "Krik? Krak! Moo: Electric Blankets are Optional" Short Literature Tournament
2008 Andy Watkins's "20th Century Side Event"
2011? Bruce Arthur's "Amazing Planet" Animal Tournament
2011? Shan Kothari's Music Tournament
2011? Andrew Hart's Arrested Development Tournament
2011? Joe Brosch's Anime Tournament
2013 Summer Aidan Mehigan's Architecture Tournament
2011? Michael Hausinger's Engineering Tournament
2010? Andy Watkins's "Science, Dismal and Gay" Tournament of Science, Economics, and Poetry
2012? Isaac Hirsch's Hats Tournament
2009 Matt Weiner's "Henry Darger Tournament of the Unreal"
2007? Andrew Ullsperger's Science Tournament
2008? Ryan Westbrook's "Varying Difficulty" Tournament
2008? Rom Masrour's Movie Tournament
2010? Andy Watkins and Hannah Kirsch's "Uwe Boll" Common Links Tournament
2011? "The Eric and Ben Myth Tournament"
2025 Ted Gioia's "Secret Literature Tournament for Andrew Yaphe"
2011? Jeff Geringer's "Trastastrophe III"
2010? Bruce Arthur's "Your Choice Fest"
2008? Matt Chadbourne's Math Tournament
2011? Fred Morlan's Movie Tournament
2012? Aaron dos Remedios's Board Game Tournament
2011 Ike Jose's "Thought" Tournament
2013 Collin Parks's Byzantine History Tournament
2014 Lederberg Memorial Science II