Smithville Academic Bowl Tournament

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The Smithville Academic Bowl Tournament is a Kansas City area high school tournament hosted annually by Smithville High School.

First hosted in November 2004, it was originally run in a four quarter format with power matched preliminary rounds and single-elimination playoffs, which was the standard in Missouri at the time. In 2013, the tournament began using an NAQT IS set with pooled preliminary rounds, but teams are still rebracketed into single-elimination playoffs.

The field is occasionally divided into large and small school divisions.


Year Set Champion Second
Jan. 2014 IS-130 Park Hill South Raymore-Peculiar
Jan. 2013 IS-120 North Kansas City Park Hill South
Jan. 2012 Show-Me Questions unknown unknown
Jan. 2011 Show-Me Questions Savannah (large school)
(small school division unknown)
Park Hill South (large school)
(small school division unknown)
Jan. 2010 Questions Galore? unknown unknown
Jan. 2009 Questions Galore? Savannah vs. Hallsville (result unknown)
Nov. 2007 unknown Savannah North Kansas City
Nov. 2006 unknown Savannah Liberty
Nov. 2005 unknown Savannah Liberty
Nov. 2004 unknown Savannah Liberty