St. Anne's

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St. Anne's-Belfield School
Charlottesville, VA
Club President None
State Championships
National Championships
National Appearances Unknown
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown

St. Anne's, often known as STAB, was a longstanding quizbowl program in Virginia that competed in non-television events from the early 1980s on. In the 1990s, they hosted their own tournament in the fall, and also hosted what may have been the first high school trash tournament.

As a private school, St. Anne's was ineligible for participation in VHSL Scholastic Bowl, but they put in high placements at the NAQT Virginia Championship and the Virginia invitational circuit, particularly in the mid-2000s. Along with another team located on the border of the two events, Charlottesville, St. Anne's was a regular participant in both the Richmond-area Battle of the Brains TV show and the Charlottesville-Staunton area segment of It's Academic.

St. Anne's quizbowl program has been defunct since 2013.