St. Joseph (IN)

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Saint Joseph
South Bend, Indiana
Coaches Ben Dillon
State Championships 2013 Indiana Traditional (Chip), 2013 NAQT, 2014 NAQT, 2015 NAQT. 2016 NAQT
National Appearances T-21 at 2013 HSNCT, T-34 at 2014 HSNCT, 53 at 2015 HSNCT, 47 at 2016 NSC
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Saint Joseph High School (formerly Saint Joseph's High School) is a private Catholic high school in South Bend, Indiana. It competes in the St. Joseph Valley League and is a rival of Culver Academies. Previously a patron of Chip Beall's NAC, the school stopped attending it in 2007 and has since begun to attend and compete at various good quizbowl tournaments in Illinois and Michigan.


Winning both varsity championships, the frosh-soph championship, and placing T-21 at HSNCT the 2012-2013 team was the most successful team in school history. The team, comprised of Chris Agostino '13, Wilson Barrett '14, Davide Behr '14, Nolan Liu '15, and Nicholas Wawrykow '13, saw marked improvement from the previous year approaching national relevancy, beating top 25 Loyola, Northmont, and Dorman B.

All-State players

2010-2011 Michael Shakour

2011-2013 Chris Agostino

2011-2013 Nicholas Wawrykow

2012-2014 Nolan Liu

2013-2014 Davide Behr