Steven Liu

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Steven Liu
Steven Liu.jpg
Noted subjects Math, Physics, CS, History, Special Elections, Paper Mario
Current college MIT (2019-)
High school High Tech (2015-2019)
Middle school Cedar Drive (2015)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT
Not to be confused with former Stanford and Harvard player Stephen Liu

Steven Liu is a player at MIT and previous player at High Tech. He is an alumnus of Berus-Lie Memorial Academy for Gifted Thinksporters.


Middle school

Steven played for Cedar Drive, where he scored 40.24 PPG at his second ever buzzer tournament, the 2015 MSNCT, finishing with a 6-5 record and 29th place.

High school

Steven was second scorer alongside Doug Simons during High Tech's 2018 nationals runs, where they placed 20th at both NSC and HSNCT. He was the lead scorer for High Tech while playing alongside his co-captain Michael Li at the 2019 NSC and HSNCT, where they placed 5th and 12th respectively.

Steven is a notable math and physics genius, having qualified for the Mathematical Olympiad Program and the US Physics Team in both 2017 and 2018.

Outside of quizbowl, he draws, plays the piano, debates politics, and wastes his life on Paper Mario games.


Steven was the designated captain of the MIT B team that placed ninth in Division II of the 2021 ICT. He played alongside Katherine Lei, Vincent Fan, and Ryan Conti.