Sun God Invitational

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Sun God
Sun God Invitational, SGI
Competition season 2018-19
School(s) UCSD
Head editor(s) Will Alston
Difficulty College regular
First mirror November 10, 2018
Announcement link
Packets link

Sun God Invitational (SGI) was a collegiate regular difficulty tournament primarily written by members of the UCSD team with assistance from outside writers for the fall 2018 season. The tournament was head edited by Jason Cheng, who was assisted by Will Alston, Aseem Keyal, and Jonathan Luck. The tournament had 9 physical mirrors in the US, UK, and Canada, as well as a Discord mirror.

The set is perhaps best remembered for the heated criticism of perceived flaws leveled by members of the Chicago team against the writers and editors in the aftermath of the Midwest mirror, which resulted in an upset victory of an MSU A team led by Jakob Myers over Chicago A. In the aftermath, Jason publicly retired from quiz bowl and Will announced that 2019 EFT would be his final major project.

The name of the tournament was derived from a statue on the UCSD campus, which also refers to an annual festival at UCSD.