Jason Cheng

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Jason Cheng
Noted subjects Literature
Current college UCSD (2013-2018)
High school Arcadia (2009-2013)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Jason Cheng played for UCSD and previously for Arcadia. He was on the 2013 Arcadia A team alongside Corry Wang and Boyang Jiao. He led the UCSD team throughout his entire career there and played a key role in supporting both the high school and collegiate circuits of Southern California during that time.

He was a frequent collaborator with Will Alston, with whom he edited the 2016-2018 EFT, WAO, and Sun God. He also worked on CALI alongside high school teammates Kevin and Corry Wang.

Jason served as an editor for 2019 ACF Nationals where his primary contribution was spending several hours debating whether or not a single clue in an "other academic" tossup was misplaced in addition to his writing 2 tossups.