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The term "superplayoffs" refers to a second reseeding of teams into new round-robin or crossover pools after the completion of a first phase of playoff pools constructed from prelim results at a tournament. The concept and term were invented by Matt Weiner for the 2010 NSC as a logical extension of, and improvement on, the formats used at the 2009 Penn Bowl and 2009 NSC. The standard NSC format since 2010 and the ICT format used since 2018 have implemented a superplayoff format.

The idea was intended to make use of the two-day timeframe and large packet set produced for the PACE NSC to meet the need to rank a very competitive and deep field at a national tournament. Some local events have adopted the format, though the interests of ordinary one-day invitationals would probably be better served by using fewer reseeding breaks and more statistical tiebreakers in order to improve efficiency.