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Sword Bowl was a usually novice-level tournament run by UT Chattanooga, usually in January. Questions were usually edited by Charlie Steinhice and whatever other UTC people he could corral into helping him.

Sword Bowl was known for having not one, but two scandals associated with it, neither of which, upon further inspection, were 100% Charlie's fault.

Sword Bowl 2006

Sword Bowl 2006 ran smoothly, with a below-average, but not horrible, set of questions. Penn Bowl 2006, on the other hand, ran on what was later revealed to be a partially edited Sword Bowl packet set that Charlie Steinhice had sent out to all mirror sites to check for repeats. Penn erroneously assumed this was the final set, and produced a second straight significantly-below-par Penn Bowl. Penn did not admit to this mistake, instead letting Charlie take all the criticism for the tournament.

The first sign that something was different between the two sites was conjectured by Doug Robeson, who responded to one of the largest known eruptions of Mount Vinokurov by suggesting that somehow Penn Bowl and Sword Bowl had been edited differently. This difference in the final packets played was later confirmed by Charlie Steinhice, although this did not noticeably decrease Jerry's anger. Most of the major problems with the set were not corrected in the final edit, a fact which Steinhice purposefully ignores when blaming the use of penultimate-draft packets for all problems.

Sword Bowl 2007

Sword Bowl 2007 featured questions from the SSI set that Eric Kwartler and Texas had already seen. Eric's initial inquiry into the cause of this problem showed that the questions had been mistakenly reused, and Eric was content to drop the issue.

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