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THAT (short for Trash Hybrid Academic Tournament) was a planned packet-submission, hybrid high-school tournament to be held on Discord in late summer 2020. It was canceled in early July, before packets had been fully received.


THAT was free to enter, so long as each team submitted a packet of 20 tossups. The per-packet distribution consisted of 5 trash, 1 geography, 1 CE, and the remaining 15 subdivided roughly mACF-style. The tournament was to be held in a league-style format similar to MOST, with pairs of teams self-scheduling each match within a given time window. Uniquely, for every power scored by the players, THAT's editors pledged to donate 15 cents out-of-pocket to Black Lives Matter organizations.

Initially, THAT attracted criticism from many community members for its editors' young age, inexperience, and demonstrated lack of maturity. In particular, its forums announcement only listed part of its editing team by name—presumably to hide the involvement of the scandal-prone Ameya Singh, who had recently hosted 2019 NHBB Online.


In early July (before the tournament began), it was revealed that a player had engaged in serious misconduct in the THAT tournament Discord server, and that at least one of THAT's tournament directors had known about and condoned the inappropriate behavior. It was subsequently revealed that the misconduct had been encouraged by Basil Sousounis, whom the TDs had allowed to play despite his long history of misbehavior.

Once this incident came to light, THAT was promptly canceled.