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TWAIN (Tournament Without an Interesting Name) is a high school tournament run by UCLA. From its inception until 2008 it was run with a concurrent college tournament on either the same day or the same weekend. Prior to 2006, the college tournament was run on the same IS set as the high school tournament; after that, the college tournament was run on the EFT packet set while the high school tournament continued to use an IS set.

High School Results

Year # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2000? ? ? ? ? ?
2001? ? ? ? ? ?
2002 10? Capistrano Valley Torrey Pines B Dana Hills A ?
2003 ? Edison A Capistrano Valley A ? ?
2004 8 Dana Hills A Pasadena Polytechnic A Milken A Orange Lutheran A
2005 12 Torrey Pines Dana Hills A Pasadena Polytechnic Edison A
2006 20 Arcadia A Edison A* St. Andrew's* Rancho Bernardo A
2007 22 Santa Monica A Rancho Bernardo B* Torrey Pines B* five-way tie
2008** 18 Arcadia A Santa Monica La Jolla A San Dieguito
2009 18 Torrey Pines A Arcadia A* Santa Monica A* La Jolla A, Rancho Bernardo A
2010 18 Torrey Pines A University La Jolla A Rancho Bernardo A
2011 16 Arcadia A Arcadia B Torrey Pines A Rancho Bernardo A
2014 12 Arcadia A La Jolla A Torrey Pines Arcadia B

*Tied for second.
**UCLA did not post this tournament's stats for weeks, then posted wildly inaccurate stats. Reconstruction of game results indicates this order of finish rather than the one listed on NAQT's site.