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Explanation of the origin of this term

This appears to have been an understood reference in quizbowl discussion fora by January 1996, see here: so the assertion that it comes from a tournament held in April 1996 doesn't seem correct.

In context, it seems to just be used to refer to "easy giveaways" with no real explanation as to why this is a bad thing. In 25 years, I think we've gotten to the point of asking "why should good teams be so uninterested in a major topic of economic and social history that has also driven literal wars and has loads of clues about evolutionary biology and plant disease, such as bananas, that no one can answer it before hearing the giveaway?" instead of making fun of tournaments for having answerable tossups. Matt Weiner (talk) 12:51, 25 May 2021 (CDT)