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Work in progress, of course. I didn’t place anything about the 2018 NAQT Ohio State Championship because the NAQT page ( says that Dublin Scioto was deemed ineligible, presumably because of something regarding my (Clark Smith’s) dual enrollment. I need input on how to insert this information regarding this championship. — Clark Smith

Yeah, the issue was that Ohio State had already heard the question set, and NAQT has specific rules about a school, or schools with players in common, playing the same question set twice: roughly, it can only be done with permission in advance, and even so the second time the team cannot qualify for national championships. You could say something like "The team won the 2018 NAQT Ohio State Championship, though NAQT considers the team ineligible (and the victory voided) because Clark Smith also played for Ohio State, which had already heard the questions." Jonah (talk) 17:25, 14 December 2020 (CST)