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Tarkio Indians
Tarkio, MO
Coaches Billie Schneider
State Championships 2009 MSHSAA Class 1
National Appearances HSNCT 2009
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Tarkio is a public high school located in northwestern Missouri. Tarkio won the 2009 MSHSAA State Championship in Class 1.

Tournament Performance

2009 HSNCT

Tarkio surprised everyone in 2009 when the team attended the 2009 NAQT HSNCT despite not earning a bid from a previous tournament appearance. Initially, it appeared that the team was defying MSHSAA's prohibition on wild card attendance at National tournaments, but according to Paul Nelson, it was a special accommodation made by NAQT behind the scenes which made Tarkio's attendance possible. [1] Regardless, Tarkio showed the irrational nature of that prohibition by going 5-5 at the HSNCT and placing eighth among small schools at the tournament, demonstrating that even teams which don't qualify during the regular season for National competition can nevertheless be competitive. [2] Senior Kevin Lang was a tournament All-Star as the 21st highest scorer as well as the 2nd highest scorer among Small School players, second only to A.J. Collins from Rappahannock County. [3][4]

MSHSAA Class 1 State Champion
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Thomas Jefferson