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Club President None
Coaches None
State Championships None
National Championships None
National Appearances Unknown
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
Social Media Unknown


  • Name: Full name of school
  • image: Image of school or school logo
  • citystate: Information about City, State/Province and country (if outside of North America). Can give address
  • currentpres: Current student club president if any; indicate if there is no president
  • currentcoach: Any coaching staff; indicate if there is no coach
  • state: State championships won; list years and tournament name if not NAQT
  • nats: National championships won; list years and tournament
  • nationals appearances: appearances at national championships
  • status: whether or not a team has participated in an event in the current or previous school year
  • size: Can give enrollment figures. Indicates Small School eligibility
  • social media: Indicates main social media account used by the club