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This template is not the same as wikipedia:Template:Navbox, even though the use is similar.

This template has been edited to use pure-wiki code, and not requiring any specific extension found on Wikipedia.

It has also been heavily simplified. Expand with more parameters if you (really) want to.

Courtesy of Robowiki


Other parameters are:

  • |nav={{{MAINPAGENAME}}} (Set if you want to include {{tnavbar}} to the left of the title)
  • |abovetext= (Additional text below title but above groups)
  • |belowtext= (Additional text below groups)
  • |image= (Image to the right of the groups)
  • |groupstyle= (Customizable the style of the groupboxen)
  • |titlestyle= (Customizable the style of the titlebox)

See wikipedia:Template:Navbox for examples.