Texaco Star North American Challenge

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A one-game event in New Orleans between the winners of the 1988 National Academic Championship and what the Texaco press release dubbed "a Canadian national team," but was actually not an all-star team. It was the team from Earl Haig Secondary School in North York, Ontario, which won 245-235. However, in a questionable move for US-Canadian relations, Earl Haig received only a silver championship cup for their international win, while Eleanor Roosevelt received a cartoon-esque sack with a dollar sign on it, containing thousands of dollars in scholarship money, for winning the NAC proper.

This game was broadcast on the Discovery Channel in June 1988 as the conclusion to their coverage of the NAC.

The visit by a Canadian team was supposed to be reciprocated in 1989 with a visit by an American team to face the Reach for the Top champion (which ended up being Tagwi), but the American side withdrew two weeks before the competition date after it was announced that the match would not be televised. (from "Avonmore school wins TV competition" by Sylvie Powell in the Ottawa Citizen, June 13, 1989)