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Player for Emory and Armstrong State College from 1979 until 1986.[1] Considered the best player in quizbowl before Andrew Yaphe.[2] It is claimed by some that it cannot be certain that he was ever on a team that actually won a tournament, although the magical tubes and pipes that form the Internet show that, in fact, he has. These victories include (but may not be limited to)

Tom's alleged unimpressive performances at open events after years spent out of practice is often taken to be yet another piece of evidence in favor of the assumption that any player or team which thrived x number of years before present is widely overrated and achieved their dominance through fraud, mastery of a much smaller canon, etc. It remains to be seen whether a similar assessment will overtake the current luminaries of the game upon their own retirement and inevitable return from it.


  2. "We all have our weaknesses, unless we're God or Tom Waters." -Ben Weiss
ACF Nationals Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Bill Crew
Andrew Yaphe