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The Tran Train copypasta is a copypasta created by Dan Ni for the 2021 Teammate Appreciation Thread[1]:

Everyone is sleeping on Coby Tran, the 18 year old VFA prodigy from Oregon. He's also a cracked Science Bowl player, who beat Conor Thompson on the Putnam when he mocked it at home. After leading the national powerhouse Westview High School to 27th place at ONCT, Coby burst onto the collegiate scene with an epic performance at STROT earlier this month. Pacific Northwest players beware, because Coby is going to make the circuit his new stomping grounds, and this Tran Train is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Other variants of the copypasta have been created for Richard Niu[2], Max Brodsky[3], Sinecio Morales[3], Young Fenimore Lee[4], Dan Ni[5] and King Vidor[6].

Despite Dan Ni's best efforts, the copypasta remains relatively obscure, though the "Chard Chrain" variant has seen some usage.


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