UGA Tournament at the Arch 2008

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The University of Georgia Quizbowl Club will be hosting the second annual Tournament at the Arch on March 1, 2008, on our campus in Athens, Georgia.


Questions will be standard tossup/bonus format, written by the UGA and Truman State teams. The questions will be at a level designed to prepare teams for state and national championship tournaments, while also being accessible to JV teams and less-experienced players.


We plan to offer separate divisions for varsity and junior varsity teams; "junior varsity" teams must consist solely of players in tenth grade or below, while "varsity" teams may include any high school student. Feel free to contact us with any questions if these eligibility rules are unclear.


We are pleased to announce that the top four finishers from the tournament will automatically qualify for the PACE National Scholastics Championship in Fairfax, Virginia, this June. Please see the PACE website for more details on this national tournament.


The fee structure is:

  • $70 for the first team from a school
  • $60 for each additional team (in either division)
  • $5 discount for each WORKING buzzer set
  • $5 discount for each competent worker (only if needed- please let us know if you can provide worker(s) and we will let you know if they will be needed)

We hope to attract as strong of a field as possible, so travel discounts for far-away teams are negotiable. Please also let us know if you will require a hotel as soon as possible so we can take steps to reserve a block of rooms. We also have a list of local hotels on our website.

Location and Directions

In a change from past tournaments, the tournament will be held on UGA's North Campus at Sanford and Caldwell Halls. Parking will be available in the lots off Hull Street.

We've created a Google Map marked up with all the tournament info; if you'd rather just have an address to input, 310 S Hull St, Athens, GA, gets you pretty close to all the parking lots. They're labeled W03 and W04, or the Hull Street Parking Deck; the former two are free on the weekend; the Deck varies, based on whether there's an attendant or not, so if you don't want to pay, don't park there.

From there, you'll have to walk to the tournament site. No matter where you parked, get to the W03 lot and walk through it (away from Hull St.). You'll come to a traffic light (Lumpkin at Baldwin Streets); cross the street, preferably on the north side of the intersection (left if you're facing away from the parking lot). You'll then be on Baldwin Street. Walk down Baldwin until you get to the next traffic light at Sanford Drive; there will be a huge granite staircase on your left. Walk up the steps. You'll see Park Hall on the left; walk past Park and you'll see Sanford Hall -- it's a brick building with columns, and where we'll do our opening meeting. There should be signs or people to point you to the right place.

One of the divisions (probably JV) will be in Caldwell Hall. To get there, exit Sanford Hall and make a left. Continue past Brooks Hall to Caldwell Hall, a large brick building on your left that is probably the tallest on campus. There will be stairs and elevators to get you to the game rooms.

Contact info

To register, send an e-mail to; we'll be glad to provide a formal registration form if you would like one. Any questions about the tournament can be directed to that address as well.