University of Mississippi

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University of Mississippi
Oxford, MS
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National championships none

The University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss, is a public institution located in Oxford, MS. There have been several attempts to start a team at Ole Miss, but none have succeeded in the long term.

Tournaments Hosted

Ole Miss hosts two large tournaments each year, the UM Academic Invitational Tournament and the Ole Miss Brain Brawl. Both are hosted by the University's Academic Competitions Office. There are now school size divisions that separate the competitors. According to older coaches, at one point there were separate Tennessee and Mississippi team divisions. Although both tournaments have now switched to using NAQT questions, issues with seeding and a tendency to place all of the top teams in the same few brackets continue.

Brain Brawl

A 32 to 36-team tournament held in the fall.


A 64-team, double-elimination tournament held in the spring.