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Tulsa, OK
Current President or Coach Nathaniel Russell
National championships None
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The University of Tulsa is a private research university located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa (or TU) is represented in the quiz bowl community by the TU Academic Bowl Team, which was founded by Angelo Malabanan in the Spring semester of 2002.

The TU Team has become one of the most active and successful teams in the Southwest region, having hosted many collegiate and high school tournaments since 2004, and having won numerous collegiate (especially TRASH) tournaments.

Current Players


  • Arlo Lyle: 2005; Computer Science; Arkansas School of Math & Science; Booneville, AR
  • Grant Volle: 2006; Physics; Gen. William J. Palmer HS; Colorado Springs, CO
  • Andy Walz: 2006; History; St. Dominic HS; St. Peters, MO
  • Phill Melton: 2008; Philosophy; Putnam City North HS; Oklahoma City, OK
  • Megan Mondragon: 2008; Psychology; East Central HS; Tulsa, OK
  • Giang Pham: 2008; Art; East Central HS; Tulsa, OK
  • Angelo Malabanan: 2009; Classics; Booker T. Washington; Tulsa, OK
  • Eleanor Lewin: 2009; Biochemistry; Concord HS; Wilmington, DE
  • James Bailey: 2009; Political Science; Bangor HS; Bangor, ME
  • Nathaniel Russell: 2009; English & Mathematics; St. Joseph Christian; St. Joseph, MO
  • Matt Baumer: 2009; Engineering Physics; Holland Hall School; Tulsa, OK
  • Emilie Dempsey: 2010; Biology; Ashland HS (OR)
    • Ben McNealy: 2010; Mechanical Engineering; Albuquerque Academy (NM)
    • Gavin Pearson: 2010; Economics; Edmond Santa Fe (OK)
  • Stephen Nimick: 2011; Electrical Engineering; Holland Hall (OK)
  • Vivian Ting: 2011; Biochemistry; Broken Arrow (OK)
  • Cary Cavnar: 2011; Energy Management; Edmond Memorial (OK)
    • Drew Mitchell: 2012; Physics; Camden-Fairview HS (AR)
    • Trisha Wharton: 2012; Music; Wichita East HS (KS)

Tournaments Hosted

  • ACF Fall Southwest 2004, Champions: Texas-Austin
  • ACF Fall Southwest 2006, Champions: Oklahoma A
  • ACF Regionals Southwest 2007, Champions: Texas-Austin
  • ACF Regionals Southwest 2008, Champions: Texas-Austin
  • ACF Regionals Southwest 2009, Champions: Missouri State
  • NAQT South SCT 2006,
    • DI: Harding
    • DII: Oklahoma A
  • NAQT Southwest SCT 2008,
    • DI: Harding
    • DII: Truman State A
  • Golden Hurricane Open (mirror of BoB), Champions: Texas-Austin
  • Golden Hurricane Open II (mirror of PARFAIT), Champions: Texas-Austin A
  • Golden Hurricane Open III (NAQT IS), Champions: Oklahoma State A
  • Golden Hurricane Open IV (mirror of Illinois Open), Champions: Missouri State
  • TOAST (mirror of Ghetto Warz), Champions: Oklahoma C
  • TOAST II (mirror of MUT), Champions: Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Hybrid, Champions: Oklahoma A
  • RC Cola Mirror 2008, Champions: Tulsa
  • GARBAGE Southwest 2009, Champions: Alcoholics Synonymous
  • TRASH Regionals Southwest 2006, Champions: Alcoholics Synonymous
  • TRASH Regionals Southwest 2008, Champions: Insert Bill O'Reilly Joke Here

Tournament Championships

  • Academic/Hybrid
    • Route 66 XI 2005
    • TKUWE III 2006
    • Wildcat Spring Invitational 2006
    • Wildcat Spring Invitational 2007
  • TRASH/Trash
    • TRASH Regionals Midwest 2004
    • TRASH Regionals Southwest 2006
    • TRASH Regionals Midwest 2007
    • RC Cola Mirror 2008
    • GARBAGE Southwest 2009

Nationals Appearances

  • NAQT ICT 2005 at Tulane, T-7th Place (Division II)
  • NAQT ICT 2008 at WUSTL, 10th Place (Division II)
  • NAQT ICT 2009 in Dallas, T-27th Place (Division I)

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