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Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Current President or Coach Jonah Schwartz
National championships none
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Washington University in St. Louis (also known as WUSTL or WashU) is a private university in St. Louis, Missouri. Their quiz bowl team plays in the Midwest circuit and is led by Mia Bloss. Each year WUSTL hosts several tournaments, the largest of which is WUHSAC in the spring.

Team History

The WashU Quiz Bowl student organization was historically known as the Washington University Academic Team (WUAT).


In the 2008-2009 season, WUAT qualified for the 2009 NAQT ICT by virtue of being an NAQT SCT host. The Division I team placed 20th, while the Division II team tied for 10th. Division I player Gordon Arsenoff was a tournament All-Star, coming in sixth overall. [1]


John Ahlfield took over leadership of the Washington University Academic Team from Neel Kotra in the 2009-2010 season.

The WUSTL team's first tournament of the 2009-2010 season was the Illinois mirror of Early Fall Tournament 4. The B team finished 16th while the A team finished 18th. [2] The team took 2nd place at ACF Fall 2009, hosted by Missouri. [3] The WUSTL house team also took first at GIT XIV. [4]


WUSTL C, a team of Kefu Lu and Joel Muskin-Pierret, placed first at their mirror of ACF Novice. Charles Hang and Joel Muskin-Pierret won ACF Fall. A team of Charles Hang, Joel Muskin-Pierret, David Hollander-Urbach, and Peter Glaser won the 2011 Midwest SCT D-II title, while their D-I team, consisting of Gordon Arsenoff, won the D-I title.

The team was the subject of an article in Student Life, the campus newspaper.


Gordon Arsenoff, Charles Hang, Sam Haynes, and Simon Hsu tied for 12th place at the ICT. A team of Charles Hang, Tirth Patel, Sam Haynes, and Adrian Blaszkiewicz placed 21st at ACF Nationals.


Charles Hang, Tirth Patel, and Sam Haynes tied for 26th place at the ICT. Sam Haynes, Charles Hang, and Richard Yu reprised the team's 2012 performance by tying for 21st at ACF Nationals.



The team received a massive boost when Matthew Lehmann enrolled for a law degree; meanwhile, other strong specialists enrolled in other graduate programs (Jeremy Cummings in math; Annabelle Yang and Paul Lee in medical school) and Hang continued his studies with a master's degree.

The teams of this era obtained by far the school's best-ever performances at national championship tournaments, including 4th-place finishes at 2023 ICT and 2023 ACF Nationals, and 2nd-place finishes at both 2024 ICT and 2024 ACF Nationals.

Tournament Hosting

WUSTL prides itself on its track record of excellence in hosting tournaments at various levels.

High School

Washington University runs WUHSAC, a PACE NSC qualifier, every spring semester. It was run on housewritten questions through 2012 before becoming a mirror of Yale's BHSAT in 2013. WUHSAC is affiliated with the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance.

In Fall 2015, WUSTL began hosting WUFAT, a fall high school tournament also affiliated with the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance.


National Tournaments

WUSTL hosted the NAQT ICT in 2001, 2004, and 2008. It was also the host for the 2009 ACF Nationals, though the tournament was beset by logistical difficulties.

Gateway Invitational Tournament

Through Fall 2010, WUSTL hosted the Gateway Invitational Tournament. The 2009 and 2010 iterations of GIT were mirrors of Valencia Community College's Delta Burke novice tournament.

On Campus Tournament

WUAT held an on-campus tournament through the 2010 season. Until 2008, this was a CBI Campus Tournament. After the collapse of CBI, it was a house-written event in 2008 which was mirrored by Carnegie Mellon.


Currently Active

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