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David Madden is the founder and Executive Director of the National History Bee and Bowl. He is also the current coach of Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, NJ; the school for which he played while in high school from 1995-1999. He also briefly played from 1999-2001 at Princeton. In 2005, Madden became a 19-day champion on Jeopardy; his style of play featured diving for Daily Doubles, which was both highly effective and drove Alex Trebek nuts. Madden selected 46 Daily Doubles while on Jeopardy and answered 44 correctly.

His other quiz bowl activities include teaching history at ACE Quiz Bowl Camps, reading at dozens of tournaments each year, organizing the Online Skype Practice League, running charity community tournaments in New Jersey, and promoting quiz bowl to schools which are new to the game.