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Eshaan Vakil
Noted subjects History, Literature, Fine Arts, Chemistry, Generalist
High school Ed W. Clark High School (2016-Present)
Middle school Hyde Park (2014-2016)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Eshaan Vakil is a freshman quiz bowl player currently at Ed W. Clark High School.

General Information

Eshaan Vakil is a resident of Las Vegas, NV, and he is working to expand the Quiz Bowl circuit there. He has participated in Middle School and High School State Tournaments.


Eshaan was the NAQT High School Player of the Week for the week of January 28th. He also has four entries on NAQT's all-time best individual scores. He has been recognized by the District Superintendent of the Clark County School District, Pat Skorkowsky, under the heading "Quiz Whiz." He has also received a Certificate of Achievement from the Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada, for putting the state on the map by winning seven medals in the International History Olympiad.

Team Information

Eshaan Vakil was the captain of the Hyde Park Middle School team and has participated in the 2015 NAQT MSNCT as a 7th grader, and the 2016 NAQT MSNCT as an 8th grader. As captain of Hyde Park's Junior Varsity Quiz team (a Middle School competition sponsored by the Kiwanis Club), he helped bring the title back after a decade-long drought. He is now the captain of the NAQT team for Clark High School.


In 2015, his Points Per 20 Tossups Heard was 48.33, earning him 47th place individually in the MSNCT (Middle School National Championship) 2015.

In 2016, his Points Per 20 Tossups Heard was 90.09, earning him 4th place individually in the MSNCT 2016.

Also in 2016, he earned top scorer for the Western High School Varsity Quiz Invitational 2016 in Las Vegas.

He also earned top scorer at the UC Irvine Spring Tournament 2016.

At the International History Olympiad, he placed 2nd in the History World Championship (Middle School). He is also the reigning Las Vegas Regional History Champion, since three years.

In October 2016, he earned top scorer at the AQA October NAQT Qualifier. As a one-man team, he earned second place for Ed W. Clark High School.

In January 2017, Eshaan Vakil captained Clark's NAQT team to victory in the Nevada State Championship, earning highest scorer.

In February 2017, as a solo freshman playing for Clark, Eshaan Vakil won the Doral Red Rock LVQBA Invitational: Last Chance Tournament, beating Nevada and California teams.

At the PACE NSC 2017, Eshaan beat Hunter A, back-to-back NAQT HSNCT champions, solo.

At NASAT 2017, Eshaan was first scorer.