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Fred Morlan
Noted Subjects:
Current Collegiate Team n/a
Past Collegiate Teams West Virginia Wesleyan (2004) Kentucky (2012-present)
High School Team Parkersburg South
Middle School Team None

Fred Morlan is probably the best known West Virginian in the wider world of quizbowl. He played in college for West Virginia Wesleyan as well as in high school, and has since gone on to greater things (such as a new residence in Lexington, Kentucky, where he helped refound the Kentucky team). He is probably best known currently as co-owner of International Quiz Bowl Tournaments, which has run NASAT since 2018.

Fred's other immense contributions to the community include being the force behind HSQBRank, a massive, regularly-updating, statistical ranking of high school teams; his work on the message boards, where he served as Chief Administrator until June of 2011; and his work making QBWiki almost half decent.

At Fred's first tournament during his first collegiate "career", VCU's Alpha and Omega Bowl, he scored an astonishing 2 points per game by vulturing a science question ending with the words "alpha and beta." His bringing a laptop for Matt Weiner to track stats on was the greater contribution to quiz bowl history. Fred recently returned to play VCU Open 2009 and the Tommy and Cameron Open. His recent studying and leading of practices for West Virginia high schoolers apparently paid off as he had his highest PPG of his erstwhile college career.

Fred served as president of the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence for the 2009-10 season, and played a key role in PACE's expansion of the NSC field to 60+ teams annually. He was also the President in 2018-19.

Since the 2010-2011 season, Fred published a ranking of the top 100 high school teams, which he continued and expanded to 150 teams for the 2011-12 season. The rankings, largely based on an adjusted points per bonus statistic (appb) so as to keep PPB more consistent across sets of varying difficulty, can be found at [1].

Fred is a writer for NAQT and HSAPQ.

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