2008 ACF Nationals

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2008 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago A
Runner-up Brown
Third Maryland
Fourth Illinois
High scorer Matt Keller, Vanderbilt
Editor/s Eric Kwartler, Ryan Westbrook, Matt Weiner, Paul Litvak, Matt Lafer
Site Brandeis

The 2008 ACF Nationals was won by Chicago A, consisting of Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, and Susan Ferrari over Brown, led by Jerry Vinokurov, Eric Mukherjee, Dennis Jang, and Aaron Rosenberg. The tournament was held at Brandeis, and edited by a team headed by Eric Kwartler, Ryan Westbrook, and Matt Weiner.

Tournament results

Unlike in past ACF Nationals, preliminary round stats did not count towards final rankings. The preliminary brackets were broken down into three divisions of seven teams, with the top two teams automatically moving into the top playoff bracket, and the seventh top-bracket team determined by the highest bonus conversion among the third-place teams. The teams in the top bracket by record were Chicago, Dartmouth, Brown, Illinois, Maryland, and Stanford, with Minnesota winning the tiebreaker spot, despite having two fewer wins than UCI.

In one of the most evenly matched ACF Nationals top brackets ever, the top four teams of Chicago, Brown, Maryland, and Illinois were all still mathematically capable of playing in the championship game going into the final round of the playoff bracket. In the end, Chicago and Brown faced off in the final, with Chicago holding the one-game advantage. Eric Mukherjee and Jerry Vinokurov answered tossups 19 and 20 on diols and Some Prefer Nettles to pull the game within 15, but only converted ten points on a superfluidity bonus, and Chicago won its second consecutive ACF title in dramatic fashion.

Undergraduate and Division II

2008 marked the first year that ACF explicitly crowned an undergraduate and DII champion. Eventual fifth-place overall finisher Minnesota wound up claiming both. The DII championship was mathematically earned after the prelim rounds. Minnesota and Dartmouth both finished with one win in the top bracket (Minnesota's against Stanford, Dartmouth's against Minnesota), necessitating a one-game final between the two teams to determine the champion. Minnesota converted nine tossups behind Rob Carson's 5-0 performance, winning 240-115.

Individual results

After stats for the prelims and playoffs were combined, the top five scorers at the tournament were Matt Keller of Vanderbilt, Mike Sorice of Illinois, Jerry Vinokurov of Brown, Billy Beyer of Florida State, and a fifth-place tie between Ray Luo of UCLA and Jonathan Magin of Maryland. Keller's field-leading total was 67.92 points per game.

The leading scorer for the championship Chicago A team was Seth Teitler, who finished sixth overall with 53.85 points per game. Seth's teammates Susan Ferrari and Selene Koo combined to match Seth's 73 total tossups, though Brown led the field with 161 tossups to Chicago's 146.

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