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General Johnny Miri, Class of 2022, is a high school quiz bowler from Austin, TX. He played for Holy Family since 5th grade and currently plays for St. Dominic Savio High School.

Notable Achievements Johnny was named a rising star and two-time all-star at MSNCT, ranking 6th in scoring. He captained Holy Family A to nationals four years and was nominated as a top-8 middle schooler his 8th grade year. In the National History Bee, he was named a regional champion all four years and placed fifth at the 2018 International History Bee in Berlin. He led the Texas team as top scorer to a 6th place finish and was awarded a silver medal in History of Science and a gold in Civilization. In the International Geography Bee, Johnny received a gold medal in the Berlin Conference Simulation and silvers in the Geographeud and Team Quiz.

Johnny soloed the 2018 Texas State Championship Bowl as Cedar Park Homeschool and placed first.

Interests Specializes in Mongol history, Catholicism, Chinese and French Dynasties, and History of Science