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Quizbowl: Participant (McMaster 2003-2006 and 2009, Queen's University 2007-2009, University of Toronto 2010) in Canadian Quizbowl for 9 straight years

Tournaments include 8 NAQT SCT, 5 NAQT ICT ACF Fall (4 tournaments), ACF Regionals (winners, 2010 and 2013) Early Fall Tournament (Toronto Mirror, 2009) CULT Nationals (3rd place, 2010) VCU Open (Michigan Mirror) 2010, VCU Sunday (Michigan Mirror), 2010 Extensive participation in Canadian tournaments such as Ottawa Hybrid (3 year champions, 2008-2010), Provincial Bowl (2006-cancellation), Jeff Goldblum Memorial (2009 and 2010), VETO (6 tournaments, 2003-2014).

Non-Quizbowl: Currently a lawyer (Member of the Bar) in the Canadian province of Ontario Currently a Ph.D. student at University of Ottawa (returned to school).