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Varsity Quiz (aka Kiwanis Varsity Quiz or Clark County School District Varsity Quiz) is a form of quizbowl played in Clark County and possibly other areas of Nevada. It is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and several matches are broadcast on local PBS television station (KLVX Channel 10). Participants are eligible for the Naylor (formerly Dondero) Scholarship. A Junior Varsity Quiz, similar to Varsity Quiz, runs for area middle school teams.


Each match consists of three rounds. The first round features 25 tossup questions, of which at least one is language arts and four or five are computational math. The second round is six minutes long in tossup/bonus format with two-part related bonuses. The third round, "Speed Round", is also six minutes long, except in televised matches, where it may be longer or shorter to accommodate the TV people. As the name implies, it consists of up to forty short, speed-check tossups. It is implied that Patrick's Press writes the questions, since teams are encouraged to buy Patrick's Press questions for practice and the tossups look pretty similar to stuff in Patrick's Press books. All tossups and bonus parts are worth five points each, and there were no penalty for interrupts until the 2019-20 season, when five points began to be deducted for incorrect interrupts.


In 1969 members of the Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas were persuaded by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Anaheim (California) create a quiz tournament modeled after one they had created. In 2008, Varsity Quiz winner Coronado High School received an invitation to that year's NAQT HSNCT.

Varsity Quiz Champions

Year Champion Runner-up, if known
1969-70 Las Vegas
1970-71 Western
1971-72 Clark
1972-73 Boulder City
1973-74 Boulder City
1974-75 Clark
1975-76 Clark
1976-77 Gorman
1977-78 Valley
1978-79 Valley
1979-80 Bonanza
1980-81 Bonanza
1981-82 Valley
1982-83 Valley
1983-84 Bonanza
1984-85 Valley
1985-86 Bonanza
1986-87 Bonanza
1987-88 Boulder City Gorman
1988-89 Boulder City
1989-90 Eldorado Valley
1990-91 Eldorado Valley
1991-92 Eldorado Western
1992-93 Eldorado Meadows
1993-94 Cimarron-Memorial
1994-95 Green Valley
1995-96 Clark
1996-97 Green Valley
1997-98 Green Valley
1998-99 Valley Green Valley
1999-00 Green Valley
2000-01 Green Valley
2001-02 Meadows
2002-03 Green Valley
2003-04 Clark
2004-05 Clark Green Valley
2005-06 Clark Green Valley
2006-07 Green Valley
2007-08 Coronado Meadows
2008-09 Palo Verde
2009-10 Green Valley
2010-11 Gorman
2011-12 Coronado
2012-13 Clark Liberty
2013-14 Clark Liberty
2014-15 Clark Coronado
2015-16 Coronado Green Valley
2016-17 Clark Coronado
2017-18 Clark Coronado
2018-19 Clark Coronado
2019-20 Clark Coronado

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