Western Invitational Tournament

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The Western Invitational Tournament is the annual mACF event held at Berkeley.


Tournament Date Champion Second Editor Field size Notes
WIT I 1993? Stanford Berkeley 12 minimal info
WIT II November 11-12, 1994 Berkeley Stanford David Dixon 14 some info
WIT III November 3-4, 1995 Brigham Young Berkeley Gaius Stern 15 some info
WIT IV fall? 1996 Texas-Dallas Berkeley Gaius Stern 14 some info
WIT V October 31 - November 1, 1997 Stanford (Senior Varsity); Stanford JV-A (Junior Varsity) Brigham Young (Senior Varsity); Brigham Young JV (Junior Varsity) David Levinson 9 SV, 7 JV WIT V
WIT VI October 17, 1998 Stanford Caltech 15 some stats
WIT VII October 30, 1999 Stanford Berkeley Mike Usher 18 some stats
WIT VIII October 20-21, 2000 Caltech Stanford
WIT IX October 20, 2001 Berkeley Stanford 9 some stats
WIT X October 12, 2002 Berkeley Texas A&M David Farris 13 some stats
WIT XI October 18, 2003 UCLA Stanford Jeff Hoppes 9 stats
WIT XII October 16, 2004 Chicago Berkeley Ray Luo 14 results,stats
WIT XIII October 8, 2005 Chicago UCLA Paul Reverdy 12 stats, discussion
WIT XIV November 18, 2006 Chicago Stanford Paul Lujan 7 stats
WIT XV November 17, 2007 Chicago Stanford Jordan Boyd-Graber 8 Packet swap with PARFAIT. stats
WIT XVI November 15, 2008 Stanford Irvine Trygve Meade 6 Mirror of Illinois Open. stats
WIT Saturday, March 9, 2013 Chicago A Super Seniors 8 Most of what would have been Berkeley's A team wrote part of the set. stats