Wallace Invitational

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The Wallace Invitational is a high school tournament hosted by Wallace Community College in Dothan, Alabama. It runs on an NAQT A-set and was first held in 2011.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2017 IS-165A 15 Dothan Wicksburg Lakeside
2016 IS-147A 12 Dothan Providence Christian Slocomb
2015 IS-137A 10 Providence Christian Slocomb Northview
2014 IS-127A 12 Dothan Enterprise Abbeville Christian
2013 IS-117A 8 Headland Abbeville Christian Wicksburg
2012 IS-112A 11 Northview Providence Christian Wicksburg
2011 IS-89A 9 Northview Eufaula Abbeville Christian