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Washington State Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition for high school students in Washington State. Imported from Colorado, Olympic ESD 114 coordinated the state's first Knowledge Bowl competition during the 1980-1981 school year in which forty-two teams from the region's fifteen high schools in competed. Knowledge Bowl in Washington lacks a middle school division.

Within a few years, all ESDs in the state were coordinating regional competitions and the first state tournament was held in 1984.


Washington Knowledge Bowl events/meets probably has a similar format of play as other Knowledge Bowl playing states. Meets consist of several rounds each consisting of written rounds and oral rounds, with the winner of a meet being decided by the highest cumulative score from the entire day. Meets apparently don't count towards post-season seeding.

Regional Competitions

Each of the nine Educational Service Districts (ESDs) in Washington State hold regional Knowledge Bowl competitions. Regional competitions are held between November and early March. Each ESD decides the format that will be used in their respective regions and how many regional competitions and meets will be held.

The regional competitions that determine which teams will advance to the state tournament typically take place in February or early March. The number of teams each ESD region is allotted for the state tournament varies each year with the number of schools that compete at each division (based on Washington Interscholastic Activities Association classification) in each ESD region. The top 18 teams in each division (top 9 in 1B division) advance to the state tournament.

The ESD regions are as follows:

  • ESD 101 (Northeast Washington)
  • ESD 105 (Yakima Valley)
  • ESD 112 (Southwest Washington)
  • ESD 113 (West Central, Coast)
  • ESD 114 (Olympic Peninsula)
  • ESD 121 (Puget Sound)
  • ESD 123 (Southeast Washington)
  • ESD 171 (North Central Washington)
  • ESD 189 (Northwest Washington)

State Tournaments

The state tournaments take place annually in March.

The format for the state tournament begins with a written round of 50 multiple-choice questions with a 35-minute time limit. Up to six team members may participate in the written round. This is followed by four Preliminary oral rounds of 50 questions each, setting the stage for the Semi-Final and Championship rounds, also oral rounds of 50 questions each. Only four team members may compete in the oral rounds. Team member substitutions are allowed at the half-way point (after question 25) of each oral round.

Washington State Knowledge Bowl Champions

Year 4A 3A 2A 1A 2B 1B
1999 Henry Foss Lakes Connell Charles Wright Academy - St. George's School
2001 Kamiakin Skyview Port Townsend Charles Wright Academy - St. George's School
2002 - - Eatonville Freeman - St George's School
2003 Capital Kelso Port Townsend Okanogan - St. George's
2004 - Lakeside School Port Townsend Charles Wright Academy - St. George's School
2005 Kamiakin Lakeside School Medical Lake Charles Wright Academy - St. George's School
2006 Lewis and Clark Bellevue Stevenson Charles Wright Academy - Pe Ell
2007 Mountain View Hanford Blaine Chelan Federal Way Pe Ell
2008 Kamiak Kennewick Sequim Charles Wright Academy St. George's School Pe Ell
2009 Kamiak Kennedy Charles Wright Acadmey Freeman Desales Almira/Coulee-Hartline
2010 Skyview Camas Pullman Port Townsend St. George's School Odessa
2011 Olympia Camas Anacortes Colville DeSales Wilbur
2012 Central Valley Camas Pullman Colville Northwest Christian Wilbur
2013 Camas Charles Wright Academy West Valley Stevenson Harrison Prep Valley Christian School

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