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The Wisconsin Fall Tournament is an annual high school tournament hosted by the University of Wisconsin in the Fall. Results are available starting with the 2009 edition.

Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2009 IS-88 18 La Crosse Logan A Stoughton A La Follette A
2010 IS-96 20 La Follette La Crosse Logan A Oshkosh West A
2011 IS-108A 15 La Crosse Logan A Belleville Stoughton A
2012 IS-119A 12 Stoughton A Stoughton B Oshkosh West
2013 IS-127A 21 Stoughton A Hudson La Crosse Logan A
2014 IS-137A 18 Stoughton A Oshkosh West A West Salem A
2015 IS-148 22 Burnsville A Stoughton A Stoughton B