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Wofford College
Wofford Logo.png
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Current President or Coach Dr. Thomas Wright
National championships none

Wofford College is a private college in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It hosts the annual Wofford Free Tournament.

Current Players

  • Asrar Alimohamed ('18)
  • Will Anderson ('19)
  • Kelsey Aylor ('18)
  • Jennifer Copps ('19)
  • Erin Fitzpatrick ('18)
  • Khalil Gamble ('20)
  • Ashley Hepburn ('19)
  • Lee Holden ('18)
  • Isis Quinlan ('18)
  • Marc Western ('19)

Former Players

  • Ben Ingram ('05)
  • Saif Alimohamed ('14)
  • Kevin Emery ('16)
  • Billy Moody ('16)
  • Jimmy Schwartz ('16)



The A team (Emery/Holden/Schwartz/Wagner) placed 6th at ACF Fall 2014 South-Central-East at the University of Alabama. On February 7, 2014, Wofford played at the NAQT Sectionals at Georgia Tech. The A Team (A. Alimohamed/S. Alimohamed/Emery/Holden) placed 2nd in Division II. Wofford B (Aylor/Schwartz/Wagner) In what was their first modern nationals appearance, Wofford placed 14th in the 2015 ICT DII.


Wofford A and B competed at the 2015 ACF Fall Southern Mid-Atlantic mirror at UNC Chapel Hill. The A team (Alimohamed/Emery/FitzPatrick/Holden/Schwartz) placed 6th in a tough field while posting significantly better stats than the previous year. The all-novice B team (Anderson/Copps/Hepburn/Quinlan/Western) also played well. Later, at the NAQT Southeast Sectional, Wofford A (Alimohamed/Emery/Holden/Schwartz) placed 6th in their first Division I competition. The B team (FitzPatrick/Moody/Quinlan/Western) placed 10th in Division II.


At the 2016 Penn Bowl Mirror at Georgia, the A Team (Holden/Western) finished something between 5th and 8th in the field. At the 2016 ACF Fall South Atlantic, Wofford A (Alimohamed/Holden/Quinlan) finished 4th.