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Woodham High School (now Woodham Middle School) was an active quiz bowl program in Pensacola, FL that gained prominence in the late 90s and early 2000s. Notable coaches included Bill Willis and Cathy Boehme. Woodham's highest achievement was placing 3rd in the 1999 ASCN TOC, losing to Copley in the semi-finals. They also placed 8th in the 2000 TOC and 7th in the 2002 TOC. Brothers Johnny Hutchinson and Grant Hutchinson were notable players, serving as captain from 1998-2000 and 2002-2003 respectively. Grant would go on to take the runner-up spot in the 2003 Jeopardy! College Championship.

Woodham recorded wins over Thomas Jefferson (VA), Eisenhower, Riverdale, Walton, Dunbar, Edmond Memorial, Leon, and Ezell-Harding.

Teams and Coaches

Season Regular A team lineup Coach
1999 Johnny Hutchinson, Tyler Dorsett, Rhys Ziemba, Charles Allen, Michael Wuest Cathy Boehme
2000 Johnny Hutchinson, Michael Wuest, Robert Young, Jonathan Kamprath, Grant Hutchinson Cathy Boehme
2001 Michael Wuest, Robert Young, Grant Hutchinson, Jonathan Kamprath Cathy Boehme
2002 Grant Hutchinson, Robert Young, Jonathan Kamprath, Jonathan Nestor Cathy Boehme
2003 Grant Hutchinson, Stephen Hac, Kt Obermanns Bill Willis