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The Gonzaga/ Saint Anselm's Tournament, or ZIGZAG (The Zanily Imaginative GonZaga/ Anselm's Games) was a tournament held at Gonzaga College High School on Sunday, March 7th, 2010. It was co-hosted by Gonzaga College High School and Saint Anselm's Abbey School, and was originally scheduled for Saturday, February 6th, but canceled due to snow. Directed by Aidan Mehigan, under the auspices of Gonzaga coach Father Ken Meehan and St. Anselm's coach Mrs. Hajnalka Enzel, Jacob Wasserman served as the communications director.

ZIGZAG was won by Georgetown Day, who defeated TJ in the first game of an advantaged final; results can be found at [1].

ZIGZAG is a followup to the Gonzaga Academic Tournaments.