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Matt Weiner
Noted Subjects:
General, History, Literature
Current Collegiate Team J. Sargeant Reynolds
Past Collegiate Teams Pitt (2001-2002) VCU (2003-2008)
High School Team Maggie Walker (1998-2000)
Middle School Team None

Matt Weiner (IPA: /ˈwinɚ/) is one of greatest quizbowl players in the history of the game, and is perhaps the most important figure in promoting the expansion of good quizbowl in the modern era. He is an alumnus of VCU and played as an undergraduate for Pitt. He currently plays open tournaments and is an editor, writer, tournament director, and organizer for VCU, ACF, PACE, NAQT, and HSAPQ as well as independently. Weiner is the owner and founder of the forums, where he has served as an administrator since 2003, and was awarded the 2013 Carper Award.



Matt has been a critical force in sustaining good quizbowl by editing countless college tournaments. Some of his most notable editing jobs include working as the editor-in-chief of 2009 ACF Nationals, editing Penn Bowl from 2007-2009, editing the well-received 2008 ACF Regionals with Matt Keller, writing FICHTE and FICHTE II, working on every incarnation of the VCU Open, and editing VCU Closed with Eric Mukherjee. Matt has, however, been criticized for not being a meticulous editor, writing confusing common link tossups, and for finishing many of his tournaments at the last minute. Ryan Westbrook aptly called him the "Gilbert Arenas volume shooter of quizbowl." [1]

Matt has also been an important writer of the high school questions. He was the founding CEO of HSAPQ and now serves on the company's board as Chairman. He was the Chief Editor for the PACE NSC from 2002 to 2008, keeping the organization afloat for many years before the recent influx of quality writers.


Matt has won many tournaments and countless scoring titles, but his greatest achievement is undoubtedly leading the victorious team at Chicago Open for four years straight, from 2007 to 2010. His other notable finishes include winning the inaugural Minnesota Open with Charlie Dees as his main contributing teammate as well as winning the 2008 Chicago Open and the 2007 Illinois Open as part of a team with Jonathan Magin, Eric Mukherjee, and Jerry Vinokurov). He has also won Ryan Westbrook's Experimental Doubles Tournament on a team with Gautam Kandlikar, and earned third place at the 2007 Illinois Open Literature Tournament playing alongside Mike Sorice.

Quizbowl Advocacy

Matt Weiner has been one of the most important advocates of good quizbowl in the modern era. Aside from editing the PACE NSC for seven years, directing the NSC in 2009, 2012, and 2013, and founding HSAPQ, he created the's forums where he currently is an administrator. Matt has also been an important leader for quizbowl in the state of Virginia since his graduation by serving as an informal coach to VCU, and has mentored several high school players such as Tommy Casalaspi and Sarah Angelo by holding summer practices at VCU. He also oversaw the transition of VHSL to good questions.

Matt Weiner has very strong opinions on some philosophical topics, including a distaste for the opinions of Edmund Gettier. Nevertheless, he should not be confused with this guy. He is also not the bassist for The Hot Club of Cowtown or the creator of Mad Men.

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