2006 State College

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This team finished second at the NAQT HSNCT to Richard Montgomery, after winning the first game of the finals, with a lineup of Alison Hudson, Barry Liu, Eric Driscoll, and Jason Ma, different from their usual lineup as Ylaine Gerardin and Francois Greer had conflicting events. Their PACE NSC team reached the semifinals with the more typical roster of Francois Greer, Ylaine Gerardin, Alison Hudson, and Barry Liu. The B Team was unusually strong, making the second round of PACE and finished tied for 14th at NAQT despite losing Eric Driscoll and Jason Ma to the A team. The team of Ylaine Gerardin, Jason Ma, Francois Greer, Barry Liu, and Galen Lynch also finished first at the National Science Bowl tournament in Washington DC.