2006 HSNCT

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Champion Richard Montgomery
Runner-up State College
Third Maggie Walker
Fourth DCC
High scorer Brendan Byrne, Mounds Park
Editor/s NAQT
Site Rosemont, IL
Field 128 (12 SS)
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The 2006 High School National Championship was won by Richard Montgomery, consisting of Chris Ray, Chris Higgins, Jeffrey Siegel, and Keith Jamieson. The tournament was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.

128 teams competed in the tournament, in what is believed to be the first such national championship to host over 100 schools at one site. It also marked the first year in which the NAQT HSNCT could rightfully claim the title of the biggest high school national tournament. The overall success of this tournament prompted NAQT to stop rotating the site of the tournament, and keep it in the Chicago area.

Tournament results

Richard Montgomery beat State College in the second game of an advantaged final (325-230) to win the tournament. The second-place State College won the first game of an advantaged finals, 395-270, in part thanks to a wide variety of Chris Ray negs, including answering "Ice Age" for "Great Awakening". However, Richard Montgomery came from behind to win the second match and the tournament. Maggie Walker finished third after losing to Walter Johnson early in the playoffs and being eliminated by State College. The Joel Knight-led DCC team placed fourth.

The tournament is notable for Grosse Pointe North defeating Richard Montgomery and Maggie Walker in the prelims, only to be eliminated by Bently and Brookwood in the playoff rounds.

Richard Montgomery negged a total of 83 times over the course of the tournament, which remains, as of 2016, the all-time team record for negging in a single HSNCT.

Top 10 teams:

Rank Team Rank Team
1. Richard Montgomery 6. Milburn
2. State College 7. Thomas Jefferson
3. Maggie Walker 8. Troy
4. Detroit Catholic Central 9. Cistercian Prep
5. Shady Side Academy 10. Mounds Park

Top 4 Small Schools:

Rank Team Overall Finish
1. Danville 25t
2. Brindlee Mountain 37t
3. Malvern 76
4. Drummond 98

Individual results

With the greatly expanded field, NAQT increased the size of its All-Star Team to 20 individuals. It also began more formal recognition of a Sophomore All-Star Team and a Freshman All-Star Team.

Rank Player Team Rank Player Team
1. Brendan Byrne Mounds Park 11. Zach W Tippecanoe
2. Chris Ray Richard Montgomery 12. Kareem Seifeldin Troy
3. Dennis Sun American School Shanghai 13. Geoffrey Thomas Laffayette
4. Kurtis Droge East Lansing 14. Ben Schenkel Moravian Academy
5. Harold Kingsberg Millburn 15. Stephen Hou Fort Mill
6. Joel Knight Detroit Catholic Central 16. Mark Guerci Maggie Walker
7. Kunle Demuren Ocean Lakes 17. James Cooper Lisgar Collegiate
8. Richard Kitterman Robinson 18. Henry Gorman Wilmington Charter
9. Nick Truelson Sioux Falls Home School 19. Papa Chakravarthy Dunbar
10. Dallas Simons MLK 20. Andy Knowles Brindlee Mountain

Rank Top Sophomores Team Rank Top Freshmen Team
1. Kurtis Droge East Lansing (MI) 1. Henry Gorman Wilmington Charter
2. Richard Kitterman Robinson (VA) 2. Cody Simmons MLK (TN)
3. Nick Truelson Sioux Falls Home School (SD) 3. Alex Friedman Minnetonka (MN)
4. Dallas Simmons MLK (TN) 4. Puya Gerami E.O. Smith (CT)

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