Alex Fregeau

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Alex Fregeau
Noted subjects Linguistics, History
Current college Lewis (2019–)
Past colleges Illinois (2012–2016), Wisconsin (2018)
High school Westmont (2011–2012)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Alex Fregeau (pronounced /fɹɛˈʒoʊ/) played quizbowl in Illinois (frequently alongside Andrew Wang), and solo at Wisconsin and Lewis. He introduced himself as "a linguist turned archaeologist and primarily history quizbowl player."[1]

Alex wrote the solo 2017 history set FRENCH (also called "FRENCH Open" and formerly called "HIT," and held as side event at the Michigan site of TTIAC), and the 2020 sequel FRENCH II. He wrote for 2019 MUSES and 2017 EFT, and will edit history for 2021 Illinois Open.

Alex argues in his thread "What is World History?" that world history should not just be things Europeans did on other continents.[2]