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MUSES (Mythologically United Subjects in an Exceptional Set) was an open-level 2019 side event. The distribution of questions roughly corresponded to the realms of the nine classical Muses, with tossups and associated two-part bonuses in Epic Poetry (Calliope), History (Clio), Music (Euterpe), Love Poetry (Erato), Tragedy (Melpomene), Hymns (Polyhymnia), Dance (Terpsichore), Comedy (Thalia), Astronomy (Urania), and Mediterranean mythology.

MUSES was written by Brad Maclaine, Mitch McCullar, Iain Carpenter, Ethan Ashbrook, Bryan Lu, Tim Cho, and Govind Prabhakar. A sequel to the set called MUSES II was released as a 2021 side event.

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