Bryce Hwang

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Bryce Hwang
Noted subjects Biochem, Some Other Things
Current college Stanford (2018-)
Past colleges MIT (2014-2018)
High school Foothill (2012-2014)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Bryce Hwang plays for Stanford. He formerly played for MIT and Foothill High School.


High school

He was on the California team that placed 3rd place at 2013 NASAT thanks to the support of Sameer Rai.


Bryce was a member of third-bracket regulars MIT B alongside Julian Fuchs and Oliver Ren until the graduation of Neil Gurram, at which point he became part of third-bracket regular MIT A.

Along with Natan Holtzman, Young Fenimore Lee, and Marianna Zhang, Bryce was on the 12th place Stanford team at 2019 ACF Nationals that defeated eventual title winners Columbia 325-165 in what was voted "Upset of the Year" in the Players Choice Awards.