Natan Holtzman

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Natan Holtzman
Noted Subjects:
Music, Other Science
Current Collegiate Team Stanford (2018-)
Past Collegiate Teams North Carolina (2012-2016)
High School Team Enloe (2010-2012)
Middle School Team None

Natan Holtzman has played for Stanford since 2018, having previously played for North Carolina in undergrad. In high school, Natan played for Enloe, which he took to T-21st and T-8th finishes at the 2011 and 2012 HSNCTs. He was the top scorer at on the 7th place North Carolina 2012 NASAT team.

Along with his Stanford A teammates Bryce Hwang, Young Fenimore Lee, and Marianna Zhang, Natan defeated eventual 2019 ACF Nationals champion Columbia 325-165 to give them one of their only 3 losses, in what was voted the Player's Choice Awards Upset of the Year.