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Camp Hill High School
Camp Hill, PA
Coaches Andrew Gianelli
National Championships 2017 NAQT Very Small School
National Appearances HSNCT: 2011-2013
SSNCT: 2014-2017
Program Status Active
School Size ~400
NAQT Page link

Camp Hill High School is a small, public school in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Team History

Camp Hill has been a regular at high school tournaments in Pennsylvania and Delaware since at least 2011. They have consistently been among the state's top Small School programs and have placed very highly at SSNCT, and before it in small school titles at HSNCT (finishing 11th or higher for seven straight years as of 2017).

The team had its start with NAQT at the 2008 Capital Area League, a 5-month long series of scrimmages among teams in the appropriately named Capital Area, where they finished 4th among 16 teams. They finished fifth the following year, finally winning the League in 2011. That same season they attended their first major NAQT weekend tournament, the Battle of the Burgh XIV, finishing 2nd, behind only State College A. In May at the 2011 HSNCT, led by seniors Brad Seltzer and Nick Lehotsky, junior Tim Lehotsky, and sophomore David Cohen, Camp Hill finished 5th in the nation among 24 small schools. The next year saw more success, with them again winning the League, this time undefeated, as well is winning SAGACITY VII. At the 2012 HSNCT they finished 3rd among 27 small schools, which saw the return of Tim and David as well as senior Matt Easton and junior Patrick Yang. The 2013 season started with similar success, with Camp Hill again winning both the League and SAGACITY VIII. At the 2013 HSNCT they managed a solid tied for 9th out of 25 small schools.

The next several years were rebuilding years for Camp Hill after graduating 75% of their scoring from last year's nationals. Though initially struggling in regular-season tournaments, hard studying enabled a solid tied for 11th finish at the inaugural 2014 SSNCT, with the nationals team including returning seniors Sam Horowitz-Soyos and Seth Kodner, juniors Paxton Fitzpatrick and Rebecca Easton, as well as new arrivals Catherine Jones (sophomore) and Colton Sanden (freshman). The ensuing years saw increased success, finishing tied for 7th at the 2015 SSNCT, tied for 11th at the 2016 SSNCT, culminating in a third place finish in the Traditional Public division and a championship in the Very Small School division at the 2017 SSNCT with the team lead by senior Colton Sanden, juniors Ben Haas and Alex Drda, as well as sophomore Sydney Preston.

Notable Accomplishments


  • Colton Sanden
  • Brad Seltzer
  • Tim Lehotsky
  • Patrick Yang
  • David Cohen
  • Catherine Jones