2014 SSNCT

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Champion Hallsville
Runner-up Advanced Math and Science
Third Harmony Science North Austin
Fourth Litchfield
High scorer Olivia Kiser, Glasgow
Editor/s NAQT
Site Bloomington, MN
Field 50
Stats [1]

The 2014 Small School National Championship Tournament was a tournament sponsored by NAQT and held at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America Hilton in Bloomington, Minnesota May 3-4, 2014. While NAQT included a "small school championship" within the annual HSNCT for several years, this was the first separate national championship tournament for small schools sponsored by NAQT.

After the top four teams, Cumberland and Glasgow finished in a tie for fifth, with South Range, Macomb, West Point A, and White Cloud all finishing tied for 7th.


Based on performance through 9 rounds.

Player Team Stats
Olivia Kiser Glasgow 40-74-6-131.66
Charles Ault Cumberland 28-84-16-123.56
David York Litchfield 24-78-9-121.67
Jared Lockwood Hallsville 42-37-2-107.03
Henry Hawthorn Harmony Science North Austin 40-36-4-94.47
Michael Shereda Riverton 15-61-5-89.01
Erik Nickels Newcastle 5-69-4-80.54
Luke Schuster Pilot Grove 11-63-12-80.33
Brianna Prislipsky South Range 32-23-0-77.17
Sam McKay Chelsea 12-58-12-72.92

Rising Stars

Top non-seniors who did not make the All-Star squad.

Player Team Stats
Lucas Williams Macomb 13-47-13-64.86
Abhinav Kurada Advanced Math & Science 21-14-7-53.85
Kaeden Kessinger Southwestern 6-44-10-50.53