2012 HSNCT

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Champion Bellarmine A
Runner-up Detroit Catholic Central A
Third LASA A
Fourth Centennial
High scorer Adam Silverman, Centennial
Editor/s NAQT
Site Atlanta, GA
Field 240 (27 SS)
Stats stats

The 2012 High School National Championship was won by Bellarmine College Preparatory, consisting of Ankit Aggarwal, John Cherian, Sameer Rai, and, for the second day of the tournament, Nikhil Desai. Bellarmine defeated Detroit Catholic Central A in the second game of an advantaged final.

Playoff results

The full playoff bracket can be found here.

The final four teams left in the tournament were Bellarmine A, the last team in the winners bracket; Centennial, who lost to Bellarmine in the next-to-last round of the winners bracket; Detroit Catholic Central A, who lost to Bellarmine in the second-to-last round of the winners bracket and successfully avoided elimination three times in the losers bracket before reaching the final four; and LASA A, who lost to Ladue A in the second-to-last round of the winners bracket and also won three potentially eliminating games in the losers bracket to get to the final four.

Bellarmine A beat Centennial 585-180 in one semi-final, while DCC A beat LASA A 410-260 in the other.

The finals were Bellarmine A against Detroit Catholic Central A in a best-of-three format, with Bellarmine A holding a one game advantage. After falling behind by a large margin early in the game, Detroit Catholic Central A won the first game of the finals 395-370 to even the series. The deciding game went to Bellarmine A in a 455-275 win.

Final standings

Top 12 Teams:

Rank Team Rank Team
1. Bellarmine A T-5. Rockford Auburn
2. Detroit Catholic Central A T-8. Loyola
3. LASA A T-8. St. Anselm's
4. Centennial T-8. Cistercian A
T-5. Ladue A T-8. Chattahoochee
T-5. Hunter A T-8. Enloe

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