Dan Leifer

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Dan Leifer
Current college William and Mary
Past colleges None
High school Georgetown Day
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Dan Leifer is the co-president of the William and Mary quizbowl team. He played on the Georgetown Day A-team in 2007, which included an appearance at the 2007 HSNCT.

At the 2008 Terrapin Invitational Tournament, Dan's misguided attempt to win the tournament neg prize resulted in an absurd 2/11 line for -35 points in a 505-(-40) loss to Brown. The -35 points and team -40 points are believed to be all-time single-game lows, and since Chris Ray's 5/15 stat line was revealed to be a statkeeping error, Dan's 11 individual negs and the team 14's may also be single-game records.

At the 2008 ACF Fall site at VCU, Dan averaged over three negs per game but still managed to be tied as the 13th highest scorer (out of 44). Essentially he was simply letting it all hang out this time as he was on a last place, two player W&M Bea team.