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Neg prizes are awards given (usually) in jest during a tournament's awards ceremony to the player with the most total negs. When multiple players tie for the award, ties are broken by lowest tossup/interrupt ratio. While most team and individual prizes consist of various trophies and books, neg prizes can be, and often are, just about anything.

Previous Tournaments' Neg Prizes


High School

  • TJHSST Tournaments
    • A 1986 Women's Bowling trophy, clad in a skanky duct-tape dress, Fall 2003
    • A Powerpuff Girls picture book, defaced with Sharpie mustaches and goatees, January 2004
    • A purple ribbon indicating "I Tried My Best", Fall 2004
    • A copy of L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics, autographed by tournament staff, January 2005
    • Grotesque Alanna Beard water bottle, Fall 2005
    • Charles Dickens action figure, January 2006
    • Genuine Nottingham Castle pink maiden hat, Fall 2006
    • Dolphin candle, January 2007
    • "Quizbowl's Greatest Hits" CD, consisting of 21 versions of "Never Gonna Give You Up", Fall 2007
    • Hampshire College Ultimate Frisbee's naked calendar, January 2008
  • three Pokémon plushes (Prison Bowl I)
  • Jane Austen Action Figure - complete with writing desk and quill pen! (The Decemberist 2007)
  • Matt Morrison's music (unidentified GSAC tournament)
  • Plush AFLAC Duck (Harvard Fall Tournament 2007)
  • Harmonica with case and instruction book (Harvard Fall Tournament 2008)
  • Hannah Montana Activity Cards (BGSU BRAVE Falcon 2007)
  • a hug from Ian Eppler (GDS fall tournament 2007)
  • A copy of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead signed by Steve Feldman (GDS fall tournament 2008 (?))
  • A videotape on teamwork, courtesy of Bob the Builder (WCI 2009)
  • A book on Alcoholics Anonymous, picked up from a garbage can at McGill (Lisgar mirror of LIST, 2013)

Lucas Brown is infamous in the southern California circuit for winning the neg prize at every southern CA tournament he attended, save two (UCLA's 2010 mirror of the New Trier Varisty tournament and ACF Fall 2010). Some of his neg prizes are:

  • A thank-you card signed by members of the other teams at the tournament (Triton Winter 2008)
  • Postsuburban California: the Transformation of Orange County since World War 2 (Baby Anteater 2009)
  • A kiss from the TD (NAQT state championship, Southern CA, 2009)
  • Galloway's Book on Running, on the theory that his teammates would pursue him seeking vengance for the negs (TWAIN 2009)
  • A copy of Sarah Palin's autobiography Going Rogue (ASCII 2009)
  • A Nation of Victims, on the theory that the neg winner had victimized his team (La Jolla Rocket Surgery 2010)
  • Who Moved My Cheese? (NAQT state championship, Southern CA, 2010)
  • Behavior Modification: What It Is and How to Do It. This book was given not to him but to his teammates. (CBCT 2010)
  • A Man, a Can, a Microwave (Triton Winter 2011)
  • A California HS Exit Exam study guide (Arcadia Carnal Embrace 2011)
  • A copy of Breaking Dawn (La Jolla Rocket Surgery 2011)
  • A book on hydrocephaly and Accounting Terminology in the PRC and USA--the hosts, anticipating that Lucas Brown would win the prize yet again, provided two neg prizes so that somebody else would have a turn. The #2 negger declined his prize. (NAQT state championship, Southern CA, 2011)