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Daniel Wright is a school based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, that competes in IESA and pyramidal quizbowl. They won both the 2018 and 2019 IESA State Championship, placed 21st at the 2018 MSNCT, and placed 8th at the 2019 MSNCT. They also won the Barrington Invitational in March 2019, and placed third in the nation for Science Bowl in April 2019. They also won the National History Bowl, led by Rishabh, Christian, and Vedant, and finished second in the Academic Bowl. Rishabh won the International Geography Bee, and Christian was a finalist for the History Bee. Dev was also a finalist for Humanities Bee, having a legendary buzz on marble at “this material.”

Current Roster:

  • Rishabh Wuppalapati
  • Arunabh(Dev) Ganguli
  • Akshansh Chauhan
  • Christian Epure
  • Vedant Rathi
  • Deepak Salian
  • Nathan Ma
  • Ben Chen
  • Edward Han